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Summary of Research on Ancient Water Conservancy Facilities in Wulongkou, Jiyuan City

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DOI: 10.23977/jsoce.2021.030820 | Downloads: 7 | Views: 851


Zhang Pengqi 1


1 Cultural Relics Conservation and Management Institute of Nanxun District, Huzhou 313010, China

Corresponding Author

Zhang Pengqi


The ancient water conservancy facilities in Wulongkou, Jiyuan, as the most important water diversion irrigation system in northwestern Henan, are an integral part of the research on the history of irrigation and engineering technology in China. As the material carrier of people's irrigation activities in this area in history, the ancient water conservancy facilities of Wulongkou in Jiyuan condensed the marks of different times, reflecting the technological level and irrigation ideas of different times. Sorting out related researches on ancient water conservancy facilities in Wulongkou will help us understand and clarify its historical, scientific, and artistic values, and clarify the situation and tasks of its protection and development. This is important for establishing a scientific outlook on water conservancy development with Chinese characteristics. Promoting the modernization of water conservancy has important practical significance.


Wulongkou, Ancient water conservancy facilities, Qin river


Zhang Pengqi, Summary of Research on Ancient Water Conservancy Facilities in Wulongkou, Jiyuan City. Journal of Sociology and Ethnology (2021) 3: 108-114. DOI:


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