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Concept, Ritual, and Executive--Paths to Ecological Protection for Mount Tai in Ancient China

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DOI: 10.23977/jsoce.2018.11001 | Downloads: 37 | Views: 4186


Su Bing 1


1 Foreign Languages School, Tai Shan University, Taian City, PR. China, 271000

Corresponding Author

Su Bing


The Chinese in ancient times have proposed the concept of syncretism between heaven and man, therefore the scholars such as Confucius and the emperors in different dynasties had created various concepts of environmental protection, which have put a great impact on the protection of Mount Tai's ecology. Historic cases of ecological protection of Mount Tai have aroused modern Chinese ecological sense and supervised the governmental decision-making.


Concept, Syncretism, Ecology, Mount Tai


Su Bing, Concept, Ritual, and Executive--Paths to Ecological Protection for Mount Tai in Ancient China, Journal of Sociology and Ethnology (2018) Vol. 1: 1-11.


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