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Regulation of intestinal flora by external treatment of Traditional Chinese medicine

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DOI: 10.23977/phpm.2021.010113 | Downloads: 9 | Views: 949


Yaxiong Feng 1, Jiehong Wang 1, Pengyan Jiang 1, Zhiyun Li 1, Jing Liu 1


1 The first Clinical Medical College of Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine

Corresponding Author

Jiehong Wang


External treatment of Traditional Chinese medicine, as one of the commonly used treatments in traditional Chinese medicine, plays an important role in adjuvant therapy. Intestinal flora is involved in many pathophysiological processes in the body and is an important link of body health. The imbalance of intestinal flora can cause multi-system diseases, and the external treatment of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine, as a relatively safe and effective treatment, has become a new breakthrough in disease prevention and treatment. In this paper, the regulation effect of external treatment of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine on intestinal microflora was reviewed to provide more reference for the intervention of intestinal microflora imbalance by external treatment of traditional Chinese medicine.


External treatment of TCM, Intestinal flora, review


Yaxiong Feng, Jiehong Wang, Pengyan Jiang, Zhiyun Li, Jing Liu. Regulation of intestinal flora by external treatment of Traditional Chinese medicine. MEDS Public Health and Preventive Medicine (2021) 1: 71-76. DOI:


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