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Difficult Choices: Exploring Basic Reasons of Difficult Choices

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DOI: 10.23977/jsoce.2021.030533 | Downloads: 110 | Views: 1274


Zhang Xuan 1, Zhu Qingwen 2


1 Nanjing Sidex display technology Co., LTD, China
2 Nanjing Audit university jinshen college, China

Corresponding Author

Zhang Xuan


Every day, we spend too much time and energy deciding between two or more equally tempting options.Is there any way we can make the choice easily?In this thesis, I examine the underlying causes of the difficulty people have in making choices.By studying the psychological and physiological states of people when making choices, I essentially understand the basic reasons why people make choices, and by understanding the most fundamental reasons, I explore in more depth why people have difficulty making choices. The reason why I first wanted to study how to improve the topic of difficult choices is that I myself, as well as many friends and family members around me, always struggle with which one is the ideal option for me when making some choices, spending a lot of time and eventually getting irritated by it.So, I was initially thinking, is it the norm for people to have difficulty in choosing in daily life? After reading books and consulting materials, I found that the phenomenon of difficult choices is due to many complex reasons. Due to these complex reasons, there is no direct way to solve the problem of choice difficulties, and these methods vary from person to person.


Decision-making, Difficult choices, Brian, Psychology


Zhang Xuan, Zhu Qingwen. Difficult Choices: Exploring Basic Reasons of Difficult Choices. Journal of Sociology and Ethnology (2021) 3: 182-191. DOI:


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