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A Study on the Sub-Cultural Circles of the “Z Generation” Youth

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DOI: 10.23977/avte.2021.030211 | Downloads: 36 | Views: 1321


Tang Dongdong 1, Cui Xiaolei 1


1 Qingdao Huanghai College, Qingdao 266427, China

Corresponding Author

Tang Dongdong


With the rapid development of China’s market economy construction, the “Generation Z” as a typical representative of the youth group gradually becomes its social construction, the core force of development. The issue of youth subcultural circle has always been the focus of many scholars. Starting from the perspective of cultural attributes and the influence of problems, this paper systematically analyzes the situation and form of “Generation Z” youth subculture. Combined with national development and cultural system construction, optimization measures are put forward, and this paper will provide reference for the next step of work.


Subculture, “generation z”, Youth


Tang Dongdong, Cui Xiaolei. A Study on the Sub-Cultural Circles of the “Z Generation” Youth. Advances in Vocational and Technical Education (2021) 3: 57-61. DOI:


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