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Exploration on the Path of Vocational Education Serving Urban and Rural Integration Development Based on Rural Revitalization Strategy

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DOI: 10.23977/avte.2021.030206 | Downloads: 25 | Views: 1149


Tang Juhua 1, Zhang Lei 1


1 Hetian Normal College, Hetian 848000, China

Corresponding Author

Tang Juhua


The rural revitalization strategy has been implemented in China for a period of time, but the effect of the early rural revitalization strategy has not reached the expectation, which makes the relevant domestic organizations and even leaders reflect and find that in order to achieve the goal of rural revitalization, what we should really do is to strengthen the hematopoietic capacity of rural areas. Under the result of this reflection, the country puts forward the policy of urban-rural integration development around the general characteristics of rural areas. Guided by the policy, the field of vocational education should make efforts to provide vocational education services to rural areas and cultivate more excellent vocational talents. Talents will enable the rural areas to connect with the city, and finally achieve the goal of urban-rural integration development, Rural revitalization Strategy has really started. In order to provide good vocational education services to rural areas, this paper will carry out research, mainly discusses the relationship between vocational education and urban-rural integration development, points out the main reasons for hindering urban-rural integration development, and finally puts forward the development path from the perspective of vocational education.


Rural revitalization, Vocational education service, Urban rural integration


Tang Juhua, Zhang Lei. Exploration on the Path of Vocational Education Serving Urban and Rural Integration Development Based on Rural Revitalization Strategy. Advances in Vocational and Technical Education (2021) 3: 28-32. DOI:


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