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Study on Smoking Cessation by Chinese Herbal Aromatherapy

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DOI: 10.23977/medcm.2021.030104 | Downloads: 37 | Views: 935


Liqiong Wang 1


1 Department of Medicine, Changde Vocational and Technical College, Changde, China

Corresponding Author

Liqiong Wang


Common tobacco in the burning process produced a variety of harmful substances, not only the smokers' body damage, the surrounding people are also harmed by second-hand smoke. And smoking is prohibited in many occasions, smoking will trigger smoke alarm, endangering public safety. Therefore, it is necessary to give up smoking. Therefore, it is a new exploration to use safe, effective and inexpensive tobacco substitutes to give up smoking. Chinese herbal medicine has the function of economic safety and environmental protection, so it is a new idea to make a kind of aromatherapy preparation with Chinese herbal medicine to relieve tobacco addiction.


Tobacco, Chinese herbal medicine, aromatherapy, methods of smoking cessation


Liqiong Wang. Study on Smoking Cessation by Chinese Herbal Aromatherapy. MEDS Chinese Medicine (2021) Vol. 3: 22-25. DOI:


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