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Integration and Optimization of Teaching Resources for Electronics and Communications Courses in Higher Vocational Education

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DOI: 10.23977/trance.2024.060322 | Downloads: 10 | Views: 166


Xiaowen Han 1


1 Linyi Vocational College, Linyi, Shandong, China

Corresponding Author

Xiaowen Han


This article explores the issue of uneven distribution of teaching resources and proposes the construction of a diversified teaching resource system as a key strategy to address this problem. The government should increase educational investment, especially to rural and underdeveloped areas, and establish an educational resource sharing platform to promote the interconnection and intercommunication of quality educational resources between urban and rural areas and regions. We need to encourage the social sector to participate in the allocation of educational resources, support education development through donations, establish foundations, and other means, promote educational informatization, and utilize the Internet and big data technologies to break through geographical barriers. This enables the convenient dissemination of high-quality educational resources to every student. Schools should strengthen internal resource integration, make full use of their own resources, and improve teaching quality. This article aims to ensure that every student can obtain equal and quality educational resources through a diversified teaching resource system, thus promoting educational equity and improving educational quality.


Teaching resources; uneven distribution; diversified system; educational equity


Xiaowen Han, Integration and Optimization of Teaching Resources for Electronics and Communications Courses in Higher Vocational Education. Transactions on Comparative Education (2024) Vol. 6: 157-163. DOI:


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