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The Impacts of Informatization Strategies on China's Industrial Structure Optimization

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DOI: 10.23977/ieim.2024.070201 | Downloads: 2 | Views: 109


Yuntao Fu 1


1 Northeast Yucai Foreign Language School, Shenyang, 114000, China

Corresponding Author

Yuntao Fu


Overemphasis on the total economic growth of China has led to the imbalance of industrial structure and low-quality development. How to optimize the industrial structure becomes the primary task for the development of the Chinese economy. As information technologies develop rapidly, informatization plays a significant role in promoting the optimization of China's industrial structure. This paper systematically illustrates the development history of China's informatization strategies, and analyzes the information strategy mechanism through which the optimization of China's industrial structure is promoted, finding that the industrial structure is optimized by informatization through the improvement of resource allocation efficiency and the alteration to the human capital structure. At the end of this paper, the author gives corresponding suggestions on how to leverage informatization strategies to further optimize China's industrial structure. The study holds that marketization is a fundamental principle that the government must follow in the process of formulating strategies and policies, including information technology strategies and industrial structure optimization policies. Moreover, the government should effectively safeguard intellectual property rights and information technology innovation, and promote the rationalization and advancement of resource and factor allocation in various industries through legal systems. This study provides a new path for optimizing China's industrial structure from the perspective of informatization, which facilitates the efficient and sustainable development of Chinese economy.


Informatization, industrial structure optimization, economic growth


Yuntao Fu, The Impacts of Informatization Strategies on China's Industrial Structure Optimization. Industrial Engineering and Innovation Management (2024) Vol. 7: 1-5. DOI:


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