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Research on Brand Cognition and Emotional Connection Based on Color Driving

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DOI: 10.23977/artpl.2024.050124 | Downloads: 19 | Views: 222


Yu Jiang 1


1 Academy of Fine Arts, Anhui Professional College of Art, Hefei, China

Corresponding Author

Yu Jiang


This study discusses how color drives brand recognition and emotional connection. Through literature review and empirical research, it is found that color has an important influence on brand cognition and emotional connection. Different colors have different psychological effects, which can trigger different emotional reactions of consumers, and then affect their cognition and emotional connection to the brand. Therefore, enterprises should attach importance to the application of color strategy in brand image building, communication, differentiation and consumer behavior, so as to enhance brand awareness and emotional connection and improve market competitiveness. This study also shows the application and effect of color strategy in different brands through case analysis, which provides reference for enterprises to choose appropriate color strategy in practice.


Color, brand recognition, emotional connection, brand image, consumer behavior


Yu Jiang, Research on Brand Cognition and Emotional Connection Based on Color Driving. Art and Performance Letters (2024) Vol. 5: 180-187. DOI:


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