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The value and application of minority characteristic sports apparel in the dissemination of minority traditional sports culture

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DOI: 10.23977/jsoce.2024.060204 | Downloads: 12 | Views: 218


Rui Zhou 1, Chun Wang 1, Yiran Mei 1


1 Liaoning Institute of Science and Technology, Xianghuai Road, Benxi, Liaoning, China

Corresponding Author

Chun Wang


China has a vast territory and a large ethnic population. In the long historical development process, all ethnic groups have gradually formed a cultural and artistic system that fits the development of their own production and life based on the natural and social environment for survival and life. The visual aesthetic concepts formed by all ethnic groups under the influence of various factors have laid a spiritual foundation for the formation and evolution of traditional patterns. With the development of the times and the improvement of living standards, people's demand for traditional sports costumes is increasing. For ethnic minorities, their unique cultural traditions and sports features provide rich materials and inspiration for the production and innovation of ethnic minority traditional sports costumes, and further promote and popularize the love of the people of all ethnic groups. Ethnic minority traditional sports play an important role in inheriting and developing excellent traditional culture, promoting exchanges, exchanges and blending among ethnic groups, improving the physical health level of people of all ethnic groups, and enriching the spiritual and cultural life of people of all ethnic groups. 


Sports culture, sports apparel, traditional patterns of ethnic minorities


Rui Zhou, Chun Wang, Yiran Mei, The value and application of minority characteristic sports apparel in the dissemination of minority traditional sports culture. Journal of Sociology and Ethnology (2024) Vol. 6: 22-28. DOI:


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