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The Innovation and Practice of the Training Mode of Dance Section Art Examination—Taking Chinese Dance as an Example

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DOI: 10.23977/artpl.2024.050115 | Downloads: 8 | Views: 185


Zhu Lei 1


1 Krirk University, Bangkok, Thailand

Corresponding Author

Zhu Lei


With the development of art education and the reform of art college entrance examination, the training mode of Chinese dance and dance is facing the demand of innovation. The research aims to explore and practice new training models to adapt to the current educational environment and student needs. The research focuses on the integration of diverse cultures, the combination of theory and practice, and the application of individualized teaching strategies. In this process, not only strengthen the technical training and art theory learning, but also pay attention to enhance the artistic quality and creativity of students. Through case analysis and practical exploration, it is found that innovative training mode can effectively improve students' comprehensive artistic ability and enhance their competitiveness in art entrance examination. In addition, the study also points out that the implementation of innovative training models requires teachers to have a high degree of professional competence and a deep understanding of multiculturalism. This study provides a new perspective and practical strategy for the art entrance examination training of Chinese dance, which is of great significance for promoting the development of art education.


Chinese dance; Dance section; Art examination; Training mode; Innovative practice


Zhu Lei, The Innovation and Practice of the Training Mode of Dance Section Art Examination—Taking Chinese Dance as an Example. Art and Performance Letters (2024) Vol. 5: 106-111. DOI:


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