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Analysis and Development Research of Traditional Village Landscape Based on Pattern Language—A Case Study of Changyushan Village

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DOI: 10.23977/jsoce.2024.060203 | Downloads: 18 | Views: 235


Yang Wang 1,2, Jeongmoon Kim 1, Tianyi Zhang 2, Jiayao Jin 2, Ranran Yuan 2


1 Jeonbuk National University, Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do, Republic of Korea
2 Hebei Normal University of Science & Technology, Qinhuangdao, Hebei, China

Corresponding Author

Jeongmoon Kim


This study focuses on the analysis and development research of the traditional village landscape using a pattern language approach, with Changyushan Village in Changli County as a case study. The introduction of pattern language provides a robust research method for understanding the intrinsic logic of rural landscapes, revealing information about site morphology, and understanding the rules governing the generation and development of village landscapes. The objective is to explore a pattern language-based planning and design model for preserving traditional village landscapes, inheriting village cultural context, and showcasing regional characteristics. The study, rooted in the Changli County region, utilizes the intuitive research method of pattern language to investigate the emergence and development patterns of village landscapes in the area.


Pattern language, Traditional village, Rural landscape, Changyushan Village


Yang Wang, Jeongmoon Kim, Tianyi Zhang, Jiayao Jin, Ranran Yuan, Analysis and Development Research of Traditional Village Landscape Based on Pattern Language—A Case Study of Changyushan Village. Journal of Sociology and Ethnology (2024) Vol. 6: 15-21. DOI:


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