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Teaching Research and Practice of Reading Assembly Drawing

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DOI: 10.23977/avte.2024.060106 | Downloads: 8 | Views: 184


Wenbo Zhu 1, Haiyuan Li 1, Haihui Ji 1


1 School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Shanghai, 200093, China

Corresponding Author

Wenbo Zhu


Reading assembly drawing is one of the crucial teaching contents in engineering drawing courses. This article emphasizes the steps and methods for reading assembly drawing. It suggests initially reading the title block and item lists to gain a preliminary understanding of the assembly, rather than focusing on the front view at the very beginning. Subsequently, the views should be analysed. The approach to interpreting the drawing starts with the front view, the assembly main line is then identified, the three-point specified representation is used, and finally dimension and projection relation is used to "dissect" the assembly drawing. Once the assembly relation and the structures of each part are clarified, it becomes easy to analyse the working principles and disassembly sequence of the assembly. The incorporation of ideological and political education into the teaching content emphasizes that only by maintaining a proper learning attitude can better learning outcomes be achieved.


Reading assembly drawing, Method and procedures, Assembly main line, Specified representation, Dimension, Projection relation


Wenbo Zhu, Haiyuan Li, Haihui Ji, Teaching Research and Practice of Reading Assembly Drawing. Advances in Vocational and Technical Education (2024) Vol. 6: 36-42. DOI:


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