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Innovative Practice of Jingdezhen Linglong Porcelain Lamps Based on Dunhuang Mural "Three Rabbits with the Same Ear"

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DOI: 10.23977/artpl.2024.050104 | Downloads: 33 | Views: 303


Lifeng Sun 1, Yufei Cao 1


1 College of Fine Arts, Northwest Normal University, Lanzhou, 730070, China

Corresponding Author

Lifeng Sun


As one of the important representatives of China porcelain culture, Jingdezhen Linglong porcelain has a profound historical and cultural accumulation. In recent years, with the development of society and the increasing demand of consumers for artistic characteristics, the cultural value of Jingdezhen Linglong porcelain has been rediscovered and innovative design and application practice have been carried out. By combing and analyzing the development and production process of Linglong porcelain, the "three rabbits with the same ears" pattern in Dunhuang murals was artistically redesigned, and it was innovatively applied to the design of Linglong porcelain lamps, and the traditional patterns were applied to modern lamps for case practice. The purpose was to explore how to carry out innovative cultural design on the basis of traditional techniques, expand its artistic expression, adapt to the market demand of the new era, and promote the innovation and high-quality development of Jingdezhen Linglong porcelain.


"Three rabbits have the same ears"; Linglong porcelain; Lighting design; Innovation practice


Lifeng Sun, Yufei Cao, Innovative Practice of Jingdezhen Linglong Porcelain Lamps Based on Dunhuang Mural "Three Rabbits with the Same Ear". Art and Performance Letters (2024) Vol. 5: 21-28. DOI:


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