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Research on the Predicaments of Professional Development for Rural Teachers

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DOI: 10.23977/avte.2024.060105 | Downloads: 8 | Views: 183


Li Yu 1,2, Tan Xianzhong 2


1 Dongfeng Farm School of the Third Division of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, Kashgar, Xinjiang, 834800, China
2 University of the Northeast Federation of Russia, Yakutsk, Russia

Corresponding Author

Tan Xianzhong


The disparities between urban and rural educational systems have increasingly highlighted the critical role of rural teachers. As a crucial component of the rural education system, rural teachers' professional development directly impacts the quality and future of rural education. In recent years, with the increasing disparity between urban and rural areas and the advancement of educational modernization, the predicaments faced by rural teachers in their professional development have become increasingly pronounced, necessitating in-depth research and resolution. This paper explores the modernization direction and predicaments of rural teachers' professional development, proposing pathways beyond the existing predicaments. It delves into the actual predicaments encountered in the professional development of rural teachers, including distorted development beliefs, imbalanced knowledge structures, misaligned skill cultivation, and the loss of local cultural heritage. Through the paths of returning to the local world, supplementing local knowledge, transforming local wisdom, and fostering local sentiments, strategies and approaches to surpass the modernization dilemmas in rural teachers' professional development are presented.


Rural teachers; professional development; dilemmas; pathways to resolution


Li Yu, Tan Xianzhong, Research on the Predicaments of Professional Development for Rural Teachers. Advances in Vocational and Technical Education (2024) Vol. 6: 28-35. DOI:


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