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The impact and application of material innovation on clothing design

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DOI: 10.23977/artpl.2023.041303 | Downloads: 65 | Views: 490


Guo Hui 1, Asliza Aris 1, Rose Dahlina Rusli 1


1 College of Crative, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Shah Alam, 40450, Malaysia

Corresponding Author

Guo Hui


With the continuous development and innovation of technology, materials science is also playing an increasingly important role in the field of clothing design. The emergence and application of new materials not only provide designers with more creative space, but also bring consumers a more comfortable, environmentally friendly, and personalized wearing experience. Materials are one of the main elements in fashion design. The innovative application of materials can enrich the connotation of clothing and highlight the artistry of clothing design. Its innovative applications not only include the positioning and theme of clothing design, the design transformation of raw materials, but also the application of non-traditional new materials and the use of material technology. Material innovation has become an indispensable part of contemporary clothing design. It has driven a comprehensive transformation in design concepts, manufacturing technology, and business models, and will continue to lead the fashion industry towards more creative, diverse, and sustainable development. On this basis, the purpose and significance of applying material innovation to clothing design are elaborated, and the characteristics of material innovation application are analyzed, and specific application methods of material innovation are proposed.


Material innovation; Fashion design; Influence; Apply


Guo Hui, Asliza Aris, Rose Dahlina Rusli, The impact and application of material innovation on clothing design. Art and Performance Letters (2023) Vol. 4: 11-16. DOI:


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