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Creative Innovation Research on the Ethnic Song and Dance Drama "Terraces Riding Over Clouds"

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DOI: 10.23977/artpl.2023.041209 | Downloads: 3 | Views: 305


Song Liu 1


1 Director of China National Opora & Dance Drama Theater, Beijing, 102400, China

Corresponding Author

Song Liu


This paper takes the ethnic song and dance drama "Terraces riding over clouds" as the research object, aiming to explore its creative innovation as an ethnic song and dance drama. The plot revolves around Long Guoliang, a young Buyi man who returns to his hometown upon completing his studies and, under the guidance of the first secretary stationed in the village, uses big data to build "cloud-based" terraced fields, contributing to rural revitalization. The drama integrates elements of technology, ethnic culture, and rural revitalization, demonstrating innovative choreography techniques in ethnic minority song and dance dramas in China. Through an analysis of the creative elements, stage design, and performance format of the production, this paper delves into the artistic expression and social concerns that feature innovatively in "Terraces riding over clouds." The paper examines the vivid portrayal of characters and the clever arrangement of the plot by the director, analyzing how the artistic work closely combines reality and presents an artistic piece that is both thoughtful and aesthetically appealing. In the research process, this paper also focuses on the series of awards received by "Terraces riding over clouds" Through this case, the paper attempts to propose considerations regarding the artistic creation of ethnic song and dance dramas in rural areas. Through in-depth study, "Terraces riding over clouds," as an original ethnic minority song and dance drama, has not only set an artistic precedent for the creation and choreography of ethnic song and dance dramas in China but has also provided a new model for the artistic expression of rural revitalization in China.


Ethnic, Song and Dance Drama, Rural Development


Song Liu, Creative Innovation Research on the Ethnic Song and Dance Drama "Terraces Riding Over Clouds". Art and Performance Letters (2023) Vol. 4: 50-53. DOI:


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