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Exploration of Improving College Students' Initiative in Classroom Learning

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEIPI2020042


Yanqing Li, Chunlei Guo, Yu Tan and Jinpo Su

Corresponding Author

Yanqing Li


At present, the insufficient learning initiative of college students is a common problem in Chinese, and it affects the improvement of university teaching quality and the overall quality of students. This article focuses on this problem and explores suitable teaching methods. By introducing the PBL teaching method into classroom teaching, a new teaching model was established with four procedures: proposition establishment, team discussion, team reporting, and teacher commentary. This teaching model was evaluated by means of teachers’ assessments and students’ questionnaire surveys. The evaluation results show that this teaching model has a very good role in promoting students' initiative in classroom learning.


Teaching method, learning initiative, PBL teaching method, question guiding

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