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The Modernization of Feminist Consciousness—Female Narrative of Zhaojun Dramas in Cantonese Opera

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEIPI2020039


Yingjun Zhu

Corresponding Author

Yingjun Zhu


Different from all other literary genres, drama about Wang Zhaojun denotes natural feminine color owning to its character setup and performative presentation. Such peculiar phenomenon has made drama become the most appropriate genre as well as intriguing topic to examine the feminist consciousness and female subjectivity behind it. Taking four Zhaojun dramas in Cantonese opera as the objects of study, this article comparatively analyzes detailed alterations of each play by combining with creative subjectivity of playwrights and performers, relating to the socio-cultural structure, and applying the theoretical framework of literature and feminism. The conclusion that progressive transformations of feminist consciousness including the initial grant of choice, manifestation of woman’s dignity, expression of individual thoughts, and high level of self-consciousness rendered in four Zhaojun dramas in Cantonese opera is drew, so as to reveal the awakening and variation of feminist consciousness after the establishment of PRC.


Zhaojun dramas, Cantonese opera, feminist consciousness, woman’s dignity

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