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Exploration of Training Mode for International Collaborative and Innovative Talents of Vehicle Majors Based on PACE Program

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEIPI2020035


Wei Xiaoxu, Liu Zhien, Xiong Xin, and Lu Chihua

Corresponding Author

Liu Zhien


As the economy and society enter a higher level of development, the automotive industry will be in gigantic need for the professional and qualified engineers, who can meet the strategic globalization needs of automotive companies. Based on the requirements of automotive professionals with the ability to cope with globalized working environment, a project-driven international collaborative education mechanism, an engineering innovation training mechanism for science and technology competitions, and outstanding education support mechanism to improve comprehensive ability are proposed and researched on PACE platform. The outstanding education training mode which consists of three mechanisms of international collaborative engineering innovation and outstanding personnel training pattern, can fully mobilize students' enthusiasm for learning and boost their curiosity in engineering education. Additionally, the pattern also plays an important role in enhancing students' international ability, improving students' engineering practice innovation ability, so that the engineering students can better deal with the challenges in the automotive industry.


Training mode, project-driven, engineering innovation, pace program

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