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Effecting Factors and Intervention Techniques of Children's Prosocial Behavior

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEIPI2020032


Du Yusang

Corresponding Author

Du Yusang


Prosocial behavior is a common social phenomenon. Prosocial behavior refers to a type of behavior that conforms to social expectations and has no obvious benefit to the actor himself, while the actor voluntarily brings benefits to the recipient. It is an important factor to form and maintain a good relationship between people who affirmed and encouraged by human society. This essay mainly focuses on factors that influence children's prosocial behavior which include children’s personal factors, family factors, and peer factors. A comprehensive understanding and explanation of prosocial behavior might be made after considering various motivational factors. And the interventions in children's prosocial behavior will also be clarified.


Prosocial behavior, children, influencing factors, intervention

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