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Research on Humanistic Education Based on Scientific and Technological Progress

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEIPI2020024


Zeyu Xiang

Corresponding Author

Zeyu Xiang


With the development of society, science and technology have brought infinite convenience to human life. The development of humanistic education has a long history, and with the historical process of human beings, it is also evolving to a more advanced direction. The relationship between humanistic education and the development of science and technology is complementary to each other. However, it has both negative and positive impacts when they are integrated. At present, the formulation of educational policies and the determination of the direction should be based on the characteristics of the times, the needs of educators and learners to explore the best integration measures of humanistic education and scientific and technological development, so that learners can become "adults" who conform to the development of the times and possess scientific and technological expertise.


Humanistic education, educational efficiency, educational resources

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