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Study on the Teaching Reform of Adult Nursing Course Based on OBE Educational Concept

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEIPI2020018


Rui Zhu

Corresponding Author

Rui Zhu


Attaching importance to the assessment of students’ learning achievements is a practical requirement of the development of vocational education in China. The OBE education concept based on “outcome-oriented, student-centered and continuous improvement” is regarded as relatively widely recognized by international and domestic universities. This article takes the “Adult Nursing” course as an example, focusing on how to apply the OBE education concept to actual teaching, by clarifying the course learning outcome goals, then designing the course goal path, and finally building a learning outcome evaluation system, while continuously improving and guaranteeing learning outcomes to explore effective ways to improve the quality of curriculum teaching and the quality of talent training. The OBE teaching concept proposed in this paper has certain universality for the vocational education curriculum teaching reform and provides theoretical support and practical guidance for the curriculum reform based on the OBE teaching concept, which has certain reference significance.


Outcome-based education (OBE), adult nursing teaching reform

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