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Visualization and Embodiment of Nietzsche’s Duality

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEIPI2020015


Dan Liang

Corresponding Author

Dan Liang


In Nietzsche’s early work, The Birth of Tragedy, published in 1872, he articulated two conflicting energies: the rational Apollonian and the emotional Dionysian. My focus of this paper lies on the critical inquiry of Nietzschean philosophy through the creative process involving somatic when sensing and embodying Nietzsche’s duality. This process involves three stages of understanding and expressing a philosophical idea, they are visualization, somatization and embodiment. My aim is to share the exploration that was undertaken to address the role that the three stages play in understanding a given philosophical framework, relating comprehension on mind-body connection and using sensorial awareness to engage in a philosophical inquiry.


Nietzsche’s duality, Apollo, Dionysus, mind-body connection, visualization, somatization, embodiment

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