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The Research on Educational Models with the Development of Internet

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEIPI2020011


Li Meiling

Corresponding Author

Li Meiling


Throughout the history of the evolution of education, we know that the essence of education is to train people to be well-rounded whole-person which masters four key factors: knowledge bases, learning and development, interaction with people and civic awareness. Knowledge bases include language literacy, mathematics literacy, scientific literacy, information technology literacy, artistic literacy and humanistic literacy. Learning and development includes learning, problem solving and practice, criticism and creativity, and self-management. Interaction with people includes communication, cooperation, leadership and responsibility, and moral character. Civic awareness includes the consciousness of law and rule, national identity, society and civic obligation, international consciousness and multi-culture, consciousness of sustainable development. There are three new methods of education: MOOC, knowledge column - based learning methods and “mentoring” learning style. As a knowledge-imparting platform, MOOC concentrates the world’s high-quality teaching resources and breaks the inequality in education, but its main function is knowledge imparting. The knowledge column - based learning methods enable students to make full use of the fragmentation of time learning content involves various abilities, but is limited to academic status and understanding level which are lack of activities or any practice project to improve all kinds of abilities. The “mentoring” learning style, which meets the needs of personalized teaching, is a short, flat and fast learning style. However, there is much knowledge which is miscellaneous and lack of systematic processing and arrangement. This paper also discussed what the education might be changed into in the future from the perspective of teaching methods, the learning content, teacher training, teaching design and the role of the school.


Essence of education, internet, three new models

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