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Employing the TQM: Manage the Quality in Higher Education

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEIPI2020002


Lyu Zhipeng

Corresponding Author

Lyu Zhipeng


This paper explores that although the quality is a slipper concept due to its abstract definition, specifying the scope of quality and identifying practical tools have become the most urgent task. Based on the effectiveness of quality in higher education, Total Quality Management has become a vital management tool to propel the current industry. However, there are three difficulties in applying the Total Quality Management (TQM) in the field of education: TQM methodology has much resistance among educators in higher education (HE) due to initially employing in the business world. Next, it is also uneasy to fulfil the expectations of each stakeholder because of different people holding different meanings. The last is that the mechanisms among education and business market are distinguishing on account of the complexity of the market. Despite their having three difficulties in the process of employing TQM, this approach currently has been improved in HE through the following methods, like value-added, continuous development, and assessment, respectively. However, it is evitable to acknowledge several benefits and overcome some limitations within TQM operations.


Quality, total quality management, business, higher education, stakeholders, models, challenges, benefits

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