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Study on the Nonverbal Behavior in Psychological Counseling

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DOI: 10.23977/icettl.2018.71149


Lu Yang

Corresponding Author

Lu Yang


In the process of psychological counseling, verbal communication is the most common way. However, when there are obstacles in speech communication, the important information of visitors may unconsciously manifest themselves through a series of nonverbal actions such as micro-expressions and body movements. Therefore, it is very important for consultants to master relevant knowledge of non-verbal behavior and apply them in the process of psychological counseling. The study found that the analysis of facial expressions, body movements, and sound characteristics in non-verbal behaviors not only facilitates the smooth progress of the consultation process, but also helps the consultants find the visitors' implicit information. This paper analyzes the application of non-verbal behavior in psychological counseling and explores its research value. It aims to help consultants to better conduct psychological counseling work so as to achieve the best counseling effect.


Nonverbal behavior, psychological counseling, research effect

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