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Innovative Practice on Teaching Expansion for Music Class

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DOI: 10.23977/ETIS2020061


Xin Guan

Corresponding Author

Xin Guan


The teaching expansion of music class plays an important role in improving students’ ability of music appreciation and music vision. In order to get out of the misunderstanding of the teaching expansion of music class, this paper analyzes the necessity of music class teaching expansion, and follows the principles of music class teaching expansion, expansion, and proposes expansion methods and strategies. Ways of expansion include: gala performances, dance creation, group competitions, talent shows, impromptu accompaniment, and popular elements. Expansion strategies include: using film and television materials to add color to the music classroom, making music class expansion a common habit of teachers and students, accurately grasping the entry points of music class teaching expansion, highlighting the feelings of music by expanding the human horizon, combining the ability of music appreciation with the ability of creative thinking.


Music class; teaching expansion; innovative practice; principles; modes; strategies

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