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Innovative Exploration on Extensive Reading Teaching for Japanese Major in the Information Era

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DOI: 10.23977/ETIS2020057


Yixing Li

Corresponding Author

Yixing Li


Vigorously promote the application of information technology in Japanese extensive reading teaching, provide students with a colorful educational environment and powerful learning tools. This article analyzes the advantages of information technology in reading teaching, and follows the principles of extensive reading teaching of Japanese majors in the information age, proposed innovative measures for extensive reading teaching of Japanese majors in the information age: focusing on inquiry-based reading and combining multiple teaching methods; effectively responding to information overload and cultivating critical thinking ability; based on cloud storage technology, establishing an extensive reading library for Japanese; adopt "top-down" reading mode to cultivate good reading habits; improve students' information literacy and promote independent learning; develop multi-modal extensive reading resources to cultivate students' sense of Japanese language.


Information era; Japanese major; extensive reading teaching; innovative exploration

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