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Research on the Strategies of Cultivate Students' Cultural Confidence in College English Teaching

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DOI: 10.23977/ETIS2020050


Yun Wang

Corresponding Author

Yun Wang


College English teaching should give full play to its role in strengthening students' confidence in national culture, so that college students can pay attention to the excellent traditional Chinese culture and feel the charm of traditional culture while learning English knowledge and experiencing English culture. For "Chinese cultural aphasia" phenomenon in college English teaching, analyzes the significance of cultivating college students' cultural confidence, put forward the college English teaching to cultivate students' cultural confidence strategy: guide students to set up the correct values, emphasis on language and culture between Chinese and western culture, developing the second classroom activities to cultivate confidence is as important as the concept of college students' cultural confidence, promote the college English teachers' cultural confidence quality, and lead Chinese culture elements into the construction of teaching material.


College English teaching; cultural confidence; Chinese culture aphasia; strategies

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