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Research and Application on Mind Map in College Japanese Reading Teaching

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DOI: 10.23977/ETIS2020049


Lijun Wu

Corresponding Author

Lijun Wu


Mind mapping can help students build a personalized knowledge framework, help stimulate reading motivation, and cultivate creative and divergent thinking. This article analyzes the importance and existing problems of college Japanese reading teaching, studies the connotation and characteristics of mind maps, points out the role of mind maps in college Japanese reading teaching, and proposes mind maps in college Japanese reading teaching application strategies: give full play to textual functions and understand the cultural information carried by the language; cultivate interest in using mind maps and expand the scope of mind maps; read rough and grasp the direction of the article, read and understand the knowledge points; promote the development of students 'thinking; highlight students' subjective status, and cultivate autonomous learning ability.


Mind map; college Japanese; reading teaching; research and application

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