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Research on Blended Teaching Mode for College English based on "U Campus"

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DOI: 10.23977/ETIS2020047


Haiyan Feng

Corresponding Author

Haiyan Feng


Blended learning breaks the discontinuity of traditional teaching, provides teachers with multiple evaluation channels, provides students with rich teaching resources, expands and enriches the content of college English teaching, makes English teaching colorful, and improves students' motivation and initiative. "U Campus" provides a new path for college English blended teaching. This article conducts in-depth research and exploration in order to analyze the advantages of "U campus", and divide the use process of "U campus" into three stages: preparation before class, learning during class, and consolidation after class. It also put forward the reform of college English mixed teaching model based on "U campus" and the content includes reform teaching links, reform teaching input, reform learning environment, and reform teaching evaluation. The research results of this article comprehensively improve the level of college English teaching and provide a reference for English teaching reform.


U campus; college English; blended teaching; using process; reform contents

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