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Problems and Countermeasures on MOOC Teaching Team Construction of College English

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DOI: 10.23977/ETIS2020041


Aixue You

Corresponding Author

Aixue You


The deepening reform of college English teaching cannot be separated from MOOC's support. With the gradual deepening of MOOC teaching, the status and functions of teachers are being repositioned, and the way of individual teaching has fallen behind. MOOC teaching around student interests is the future development trend. Aiming at the problem of college English MOOC teaching team construction, this article puts forward corresponding countermeasures to help college English teaching reform in the information era. Specific countermeasures include: improving the collaborative spirit of teaching teams, improving the information literacy of college English teachers, improving the resource guarantee mechanism for team building, optimizing the ability structure of English teachers, fostering the humane atmosphere of teaching teams, improving the incentive mechanism for team building, and fully integrating various English teaching resources.


College English; MOOC; teaching team construction; problems and countermeasures

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