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Application on Micro-course in Music Teaching in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.23977/ETIS2020039


Xuefei Li

Corresponding Author

Xuefei Li


In order to promote the application of micro-course in college music teaching, this paper carries out the following research: First, the significance of micro-course application in music teaching: highlighting students' dominant position, creating a harmonious classroom atmosphere, promoting the shift of music teaching focus, and stimulating students' passion for music; Second, the design of micro-course applied to music teaching: content design, media design, practical design, comprehensive application of multiple design methods; Third, the application of micro-course in music teaching: music knowledge teaching, music singing teaching, music appreciation teaching, and musical instrument teaching; Fourth, suggestions for applying micro-course to music teaching: grasping the timing of applying music teaching, scientifically designing music teaching content, strengthening students' music learning consciousness, and giving play to the guiding role of teachers.


Micro-course; music teaching; application; design; proposals

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