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Exploration on Dance Teaching Reform in Colleges in the New Media Era

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DOI: 10.23977/ETIS2020034


Lijuan Hou

Corresponding Author

Lijuan Hou


The application of new media in dance teaching in colleges and universities aroused the enthusiasm and initiative of students, enriched the content of dance teaching, and expanded dance learning channels. Aiming at the problems existing in college dance teaching, combined with the main techniques of new media applied to dance art, this paper analyzes the practice of new media applied to college dance teaching, and proposes countermeasures for college dance teaching reform in the era of new media: improving dance teaching innovation awareness and achieving dance teaching methods are diversified, expanding online learning spaces, promoting the spread of dance culture, and changing the traditional model centered on teachers. In the actual teaching process, it is necessary to provide an open window for students' dance art practice, encourage students to display dance creation and performance talents on the new media platform, and stimulate the dance art innovation.


New media era; dance teaching; teaching reform; practice; countermeasures

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