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New Paths to English Translation Teaching in the Information Era

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DOI: 10.23977/ETIS2020030


Chang Shan

Corresponding Author

Chang Shan


The demand for translation talents, translation products and translation services in the information age has put forward new requirements for translation teaching. In order to adapt to this new requirement and serve the reform of college English teaching, this paper analyzes the composition of translation ability, including language ability, textual ability, technical ability, cultural ability, and transformation ability. It summarizes the main techniques of translation in the information age, including computer aided, translation technology, localization engineering technology, corpus technology, translation collaboration technology. It proposes a new path of English translation teaching in the information age: deeply understand the basic principles of translation, improve the information technology ability of English teachers, and cultivate the information technology of college students' ability to play the role of Chinese-English bilingual parallel corpus.


Information era; English translation teaching; main technologies; new paths

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