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Blended Teaching Mode and Its Application in College Japanese Teaching

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DOI: 10.23977/ETIS2020029


Ming Tian

Corresponding Author

Ming Tian


The blended teaching model is very suitable for language teaching and plays a positive role in improving the teaching quality of college Japanese and cultivating high-quality Japanese talents. According to the theory of constructivism, multiple intelligences and humanism, this paper has formulated the implementation process of the blended teaching mode, including the design of the blended teaching environment, the design of the teacher-led teaching, the online learning of the students' main body and the blended teaching evaluation and so on, it has put forward the application measures of the blended teaching mode in the college Japanese teaching: building the intelligent teaching platform, strengthening the college Japanese practice teaching, designing a reasonable proportion of the blended teaching, strengthening the interaction between teachers and students, carrying out teaching activities based on the cloud environment, and improving the information technology ability of Japanese teachers.


Blended teaching; college Japanese; theoretical basis; implementation process; application measures

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