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Research on Employment Guidance Strategies for Nursing Students from the Perspective of Professional Emotion

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DOI: 10.23977/ETIS2020001


Guo Qin, Li Qin

Corresponding Author

Li Qin


Under the background of healthy China, cultivating and exporting high-quality nursing talents is an important mission of colleges and universities, and high-quality employment of nursing graduates is the key to enrich the nursing talents. At present, the employment guidance for nursing students lacks systematicness and sustainability, ignoring the promotion effect of nursing professional emotion on the employment of nursing students. Good vocational emotional education can promote nursing students to correct their professional cognition, enhance their professional ability, strengthen their professional direction, and lay a good foundation for their employment and career development. To build a platform of practice and experience, with the guidance and education of the spirit of model workers, and with the help of the joint efforts of three aspects of education, can strengthen the professional emotion of nursing students, and promote the high-quality employment of nursing graduates.


Professional emotion; Employment guidance; High quality employment

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