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Analysis of Role Transformation of Teachers in Marketing Major in Big Data

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DOI: 10.23977/icettl.2018.71130


Xiuhai Li, Haiyan Miao

Corresponding Author

Xiuhai Li


With the rapid development of Internet technology, big data began to infiltrate in people's work and daily life, affecting people's way of life, thinking form and working mode and so on. Big data can provide more effective and scientific teaching methods for teachers. The first part of this paper describes the significance of marketing in big data era, and the impact on the teaching of marketing major. The second part analyzes the problems of traditional marketing major under the background of big data, and the impact of the arrival of big data era on traditional marketing major. Finally, in order to adapt to the development of big data era, this paper puts forward specific measures to transform the role of professional teachers, hoping to help students effectively improve their marketing level.


Big data, marketing, teacher, role transformation, measures

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