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Physical Education Curriculum System Innovation Based on Students' Physical Health Test Result Management

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DOI: 10.23977/icettl.2018.71126


Cuiqin Li

Corresponding Author

Cuiqin Li


The physical education curriculum teaching policy in China is based on the student's physical fitness and health, from the stipulation of the nature, form and connotation of the physical education curriculum, to the key point of opening and regulation, the concept of rights and obligations, and then to the standardized, modern development of the physical education curriculum. The relatively continuous series of administrative decisions in the teaching policy paradigm are characterized by significant changes in the political, economic and social environment in different periods. As far as the cause of the reform and development of the business is concerned, it is represented by the evolution from the administrative promotion to the system promotion. In the past ten years, with the adjustment and shift of the state's teaching policy on physical education curriculum, the construction of the physical education curriculum system has entered an active exploration stage, the most typical of which is the institutional adaptive adjustment and system construction based on resource development and utilization. The study believes that physical education is a specific school education activity and social cultural phenomenon based on physical activity and athletic ability. The key to the innovation of physical education curriculum system is to restructure the physical education curriculum teaching system framework by strengthening the main body of innovation to strengthen physical education research, to reduce the physical education system teaching system tension, to strengthen sports hardware construction as the basis for the establishment of physical education curriculum system platform, and to strengthen sports software development as a path to enrich the connotation of physical education curriculum system.


Statistical process control, quality management, application method

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