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Study on the Setup of College English Follow-up Course in Application-oriented University Based on the Needs Analysis

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DOI: 10.23977/icettl.2018.71119


Ju Changzhen

Corresponding Author

Ju Changzhen


Applied colleges and universities pay more attention to their English practice and study. This paper mainly studies the objectives of College English follow-up courses through questionnaires, and studies the types of courses and the needs of teaching content. By means of questionnaires, the students' needs to learn English courses and their desire to learn English and relevant curriculum knowledge are analyzed. Through the survey, it is found that more students are more interested in the self-learning model and hope to improve self-learning through online teaching. The establishment of College English follow-up courses considers teachers as a basis for face-to-face teaching to improve the course objectives of College English and meet the needs of society for applied talents, which requires that College English teachers pay attention to continuous improvement in teaching philosophy, further improve the content of teaching through knowledge, create new teaching concepts and teaching methods, and at the same time strengthen communication with students, strengthen the improvement of knowledge structure, innovate teaching methods, and stimulate students' interest and enthusiasm in learning English to improve teaching quality of College English.


Setup, College English, follow-up courses, needs analysis

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