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Research on Practice Platform of Innovative Application Talents Cultivation in Art Colleges—Take the Art Creative Talent Training of Dalian Institute of Arts as an Example

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DOI: 10.23977/icettl.2018.71107


Wang Jing

Corresponding Author

Wang Jing


The cultivation of art innovative talents has its own rules. Based on the stage of national development, Dalian Art College, guided by the demand of national art creative talents, closely focuses on the cultivation of art innovative and entrepreneurial talents, summarized as "one two three four." The first is to build a solid concept of nurturing innovative application talents. The second is to focus on the construction of teaching staff and teaching work. The third is to support three classrooms. The fourth is to build four practical teaching platforms. This paper only explores the innovative application talents cultivation mode of Dalian Art College, with a view to offering a valuable contribution to the innovative talents training of art.


Innovation and entrepreneurship education, talent training, practice platform

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