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Cross-border e-commerce platform construction of the health industry and its study based on the integration of production, learning and research

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DOI: 10.23977/icssme.2019.085


Jian Dong, Yanyun Zheng

Corresponding Author

Jian Dong


In order to reduce the costs caused by inherent defects such as information asymmetry and the separation of space and time, traditional international trade has derived a mechanism with goods transfer and information matching as its main functions-trade platform. Moreover, the development of e-commerce can compensate the inherent disadvantages of traditional international trade to a great extent. Therefore, many scholars believe that the combination of e-commerce and international trade will eventually realize the “de-platform” of international trade. From the perspective of functionalism, the trade platform will realize the transfer of function between different carriers due to the change of international trade channels. In the context of e-commerce, e-commerce platforms with cross-border business will become new carriers to undertake the functions of international trade.


E-commerce platform, international trade, trade platform

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