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A Brief Analysis of the Trend and Direction of Translation Teaching Reform for English Majors in Colleges and Universities in Present-day China

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DOI: 10.23977/icssme.2019.082


Yang Xiaoru

Corresponding Author

Yang Xiaoru


In recent years, the demand for professional English talents in China has increased geometrically in both quality and quantity. As a large country of education, there are not a few professional English talents trained every year, but on the whole, the contradiction between talent demand and training is still prominent. In the new period of economic and social development in China, translation teaching in English majors in colleges and universities in China presents new characteristics. To enhance the translation teaching reform of English majors in colleges and universities in the new period is a key issue related to the success or failure of the development and reform of higher education, and this plays an important indicative role in the development and reform of other disciplines. This paper analyzes the trend and direction of translation teaching reform for English majors in colleges and universities in China in the new period.


College, English major, translation, reform, trend, direction

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