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The Application of DIR Agricultural Supply-side Reform Thinking Model in Rural Areas of Northwest Shandong Province from the Perspective of Social Marketing

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DOI: 10.23977/icssme.2019.079


Ling Li

Corresponding Author

Ling Li


The core of DIR agricultural supply-side reform thinking mode in the perspective of social marketing is to change the traditional agricultural mode, reshape the mechanism with market-oriented services as the core, and promote the development of agricultural industry. The deep connotation behind it is a series of development trends of agricultural industry, such as the improvement of agricultural efficiency, agricultural modernization and informatization. At present, more and more advanced technologies such as "Internet +", Internet of things, cloud computing and big data are applied in the field of agricultural production in China. This accelerates the transformation of agricultural production mode to a certain extent, and reconstructs the business models in various fields of the agricultural industry chain. At the same time, with the continuous advancement of land circulation and the rise of new agricultural operators with internet thinking and mastery of modern agricultural technology, the future Internet platform will provide a series of supporting services for large-scale operators, thus forming a perfect, highly open and symmetrical agricultural internet ecosphere, and the development of industrial integration will become an inevitable trend of its comprehensive development.


DIR, Agricultural Supply-side reform, Social marketing

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