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Research on the Old-age Problem of Migrant Workers Current Situation and Hot Points in China Based on Knowledge Map

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DOI: 10.23977/icssme.2019.071


Yan Peisheng, Deng Min

Corresponding Author

Yan Peisheng


With the deepening of aging in China, the first generation of migrant workers has gradually entered the elderly. Therefore, the academic circles continue to deepen the research on the migrant workers pension. Based on the CiteSpace software, this paper analyses 453 core journal papers in the field of migrant workers' pension, and then generates knowledge maps. The map highlights the knowledge structure on the old-age problem of migrant workers through an intuitive presentation. At the same time, through clustering analysis of key words, the hot topics of domestic research on the pension of migrant workers can be extracted, such as political system, employment of migrant workers, pension methods, etc. Finally, this paper analyses the evolution process of hot topics, in order to provide new ideas for solving the old-age pension of migrant workers problem.


Old-age support for migrant workers, Knowledge map, Hot topics, Cluster analysis

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