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Research on Sustainable Development Strategy of Forestry Cultural Heritage Sites in Henan Province Based on Forest Health in the Internet Era

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DOI: 10.23977/icssme.2019.068


Li Maolin

Corresponding Author

Li Maolin


“Forest Health” is based on the rich and colorful forest landscape in Henan, the refreshing forest air environment, healthy and safe forest food, and rich ecological culture. It is equipped with corresponding health and leisure, medical and health care. The physical service facility is a general term for activities such as forest recreation, vacation, recuperation, health care, and pension for the purpose of self-cultivation, function adjustment, and anti-aging. It is a new model, new format and new ideas for the health industry in Henan Forestry Cultural Heritage Area. It not only conforms to the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi on promoting comprehensive economic reform, optimizing industrial structure, cultivating new business forms and models, but also expanding domestic demand. Increasing employment and stimulating the economy is a new growth point. This paper first analyzes the concept and development trend of “forest health care” in the Internet Era. And then this paper analyzes the sustainable development of Henan forestry cultural heritage site. In the end, it puts forward suggestions and countermeasures for sustainable development strategy.


Forest health, Henan forestry, cultural heritage, sustainable development

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