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Study on the Difficulties and Countermeasures of Film and TV Art Creation in the New Media Age

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DOI: 10.23977/icssme.2019.065


Zheng Xiaoqiang

Corresponding Author

Zheng Xiaoqiang


In the era of all-media, the constant updating and progress of new media technologies has led to many new changes in the form of movies and viewers. The film shows a trend of "big movies" under the new media digital technology. And television has seen many new forms of programming. The constant innovation of new media technologies and the diversity of creative subjects have led to dramatic changes in the art form of film and television. Therefore, this paper takes the film and television art creation in the new media era as the research object, and systematically analyzes the birth and development of China's film and television art. This paper has studied the problems encountered and the development opportunities, and putted forward some reasonable suggestions for the future development of film and television art creation, hoping to promote the healthy and rapid development of film and television art creation in the new media era.


New media technology, New media era, Film and television art creation, Dilemma and countermeasures

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