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A Study of Idiomatic Phrase Culture in a Dream of Red Mansions

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DOI: 10.23977/icssme.2019.057


Li Xiaoguang

Corresponding Author

Li Xiaoguang


In Chinese culture and art, language can be regarded as the carrier of culture. The creation of literature needs the support of language to mold the situation, convey the emotion and inherit the culture. Among China’s four great classic novels in our country, A Dream of Red Mansions is a classic work that suits both refined and popular tastes. For the creation of A Dream of Red Mansions, the role of language cannot be underestimated, and it can even be said that A dream of Red Mansions has reached the peak of the height in the use of language. The dramatic development of the plot and the vivid expression of the social conditions are inseparable from the author's profound language skills, and the application of idiomatic phrases in A Dream of Red Mansions also adds a different flavor to the novel. This paper mainly studies the use of idiomatic phrases in the novel A Dream of Red Mansions, first summarizes idiomatic phrases culture, and then deeply analyzes the idiomatic phrases, the rhetoric of idiomatic phrases and the culture reflected by idiomatic phrases in A Dream of Red Mansions.


A Dream of Red Mansions, Idiomatic phrases, Culture, Artistic effect

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